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In case you don't hear anything from me. That is because I am depressed and disappointed.

Also, it could be because my laptop is being problematic. I almost had a heart attack because it didn't want to start up this morning. Then it did some start up help boot and just switched off in the middle of it. I almost cried. I have artwork to make for the smallfandombang dammit.

And I want Moyes gone. The team's not improved AT ALL. And Suarez is still a jerk.

... And I want my bb to be awesome again... just like in that little moment there... I hate life... everything sucks... I miss the times when things were great...

Add.: Pretty sure my potatoes have gone bad, too. Didn't even know that potatoes could go bad...

Nobody loves me.

Tags: football, manchester united, not happy, why is this my life
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