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Alarm für Cobra 11...

I have no shame. Alarm für Cobra 11 is a... super popular and not even half bad German TV-show. It's also one of those shows the cool kids poked fun at a couple of years ago. Because it is extremely overdone. Two cars as much as touch cue explosions everywhere. It's dramedy, about highway police, right around the corner. It's also a buddy cop show. I should have been watching it for several years now actually. If I wasn't such a stubborn idiot, being a cool kid, I might have got tons of enjoyment out of it since around the mid 90s.

The two videos present the current cast. Semir Gerkhan has been there since the beginning really. He keeps getting new partners though. It's also a bit of a gag among people who know the show. (EdiT: It just occurred to me that maybe it's good I never really watched the show earnestly, since I never was overly fond of the whole change of partners thing in any other show.)

The current partner is a bit off, just out of jail, he 'doesn't always follow the rules' as he says in his vid, because 'neither did others'. Boohoo... We first see him in a conversation with a friend from his time in jail, who's very obviously a criminal in big trouble...

And all of this while Semir is getting increasingly bitter at the loathsome world, marriage in ruins, another partner gone, and in the background ecological extremists planning to spread terror.

And then they'll bond. With lots of eye-rolling and snark and fake explosions. Hopefully. Yeah, looks like it. Oh! And one hell of a punch to the lip. Semir's in a foul mood indeed, he won't tolerate your bullshit comments.

Oh Gosh, those corny adverts... I can't, lol. They totally got me with these xD I mean I've seen a couple of episodes before, but that kind of... yeah...

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