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Into the Spring

Right! So it's a real april out there, spring in the morning, storm at noon, sun in the evening, and a well cold night.

I don't like not posting, I miss everybody, but work has been taking up a lot of my time during the last couple of weeks. I have some more furniture in my flat now, too... It feels... weird, to be honest. I liked it more when there was no furniture. It made me feel... easier of sorts. Now I have a bed even. ... it's been standing in my bedroom for the last two weeks. I'm still sleeping on the matress in my living room. I'm not sure if this is healthy behaviour.

Since I haven't managed to truly finish any artwork lately, nor do I have anything worthwhile to talk about... I decided I'll be posting songs from my (general and specific) OTP music list. Just because (the fanmix is probably never going to actually come out.) And my birthday is coming up so I can do what I want. And fandommy and all things related to my otps are what I like most.

Starting with something super light and uplifting. Savor it, you'll wish for nice and easy yet once I get out the depressing shit, lol.

Olly Murs - Army of Two

I took a vow to never let you down
When it’s us, there ain’t no competition
I can be the star on which you’re wishing
I never doubted for a moment it’s true
I love all of you if you love me too

Don’t ever change, and I’ll stay the same
We’ll be swimming in the same direction
And we’ll never lose this connection
Nothing they can do can stop this army of two
We’re marching to the future, yeah, just me and you

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