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I held my breath and you said something

Guess what I finally - FINALLY - managed to see. I waited two years. Well, I waited before that, too, but these last two years what I was waiting for was clearly defined for once, and YET it still took me about 4 weeks to actually Do you know how much it hurt to walk past the theatre every day on the way to work or back from it and not being able to go and see the movie? *sigh* Well that's over now anyway.

And I love matinee at the theatre. As much as 2 in the afternoon can be called a matinee. Having a beer before 3 pm feels deliciously decadent, lol. And I like going to the theatre alone. Don't get me wrong I like having the company of someone who knows me even more, but if I have to watch a movie like this with a person who doesn't get why I grab my seat at any given moment, I prefer seeing it alone.

But AH! The Winter Soldier! It was good, it was glorious, it was beautiful and exciting and it hurt. Especially the ending. And those little scenes, those little moments. I'm glad I waited for the teaser scene after the credits T_T Oh Bucky... And Steve is a good man. A good man.
And the winter has come and now the thaw has begun. Yeah... you can't remember Steve's face with all the radiant sunshine and glow and not feel a little warm on the inside.

I have dirty thoughts on specifics and several scenes - and ah, those sad sad eyes and those sad hurting looks - and I am a horrible sadist for enjoying some of the scenes as much as I have.

If I was a real artist, or a real fanartist, there would be fanart here instead of babble. Unadulterated porn or something painfully deep and emotional and important. Or, if I was really good, all of that in one. But being me I spent the time I had lying on my ratty mattress in the living room watching the clouds outside and running memories on repeat. Productivity is not my forte...

But the corresponding song for today is You Said Something by PJ Harvey.

On a rooftop in Brooklyn
At one in the morning
Watching the lights flash
In Manhattan
I see five bridges
The Empire State Building

And you said something
That I've never forgotten

We lean against railings
Describing the colors
And the smells of our homelands
Acting like lovers

How did we get here?
To this point of living?
I held my breath
And you said something

And I'm doing nothing wrong
Riding in your car
The radio playing
We sing up to the eighth floor

A rooftop, Manhattan
At one in the morning
And you said something
That I've never forgotten

You said something
You said something
You said something
That was really important

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