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Half the time the world is ending...

Truth is I am done pretending

16 April 1982
What was it one of those ancient Greeks said?

"He who has begun has half done. Dare to be wise, begin!"

... Here, now I've began... more to come, you know like 'some time' ;)

This User-info is a W.i.P.
Just as life itself.



There is some stuff on this journal which might not meet everybody's taste. Slash, homoerotica, general squealing and drooling at real and fictious persons/ characters, nothing that outragous, but I thought I mention it nevertheless.

Disclaimer: All of the graphics and the writing posted to this journal are entirely made up and not real. They do in no way represent people as they are in the real world, nor do they claim to do so, even in cases where they appear to be dealing with people from the real world, neither are the graphics or any writing meant to be offensive. All of what you will find here is a work of fiction and art. If you're so inclined to see it as such that is.

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