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Right before the game at midnight (well, we get it at midnight, dunno about you) I thought we might like to try and forget about disappointments and recall what's great about football by dumping ourselves in a big way in Disney feels.

- Why does no one ever tell me there are things like this?! I mean I've seen the Galaxy movies, which are absolutely amazing by the way, but this one is pretty much new to me. And to think that once, way back, I did not believe in computer graphics ever becoming capable to convey the emotions and wonder that you get to see in a human face. What do they do today - convey an entire character with one look and the emotion on top. I love this stuff.

I feel in need of an adventure-esque AU... there should be one, with all those idiots, lol.
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15 April 2014 @ 10:34 pm
Guess what I finally - FINALLY - managed to see. I waited two years. Well, I waited before that, too, but these last two years what I was waiting for was clearly defined for once, and YET it still took me about 4 weeks to actually Do you know how much it hurt to walk past the theatre every day on the way to work or back from it and not being able to go and see the movie? *sigh* Well that's over now anyway.

And I love matinee at the theatre. As much as 2 in the afternoon can be called a matinee. Having a beer before 3 pm feels deliciously decadent, lol. And I like going to the theatre alone. Don't get me wrong I like having the company of someone who knows me even more, but if I have to watch a movie like this with a person who doesn't get why I grab my seat at any given moment, I prefer seeing it alone.

But AH! The Winter Soldier! It was good, it was glorious, it was beautiful and exciting and it hurt. Especially the ending. And those little scenes, those little moments. I'm glad I waited for the teaser scene after the credits T_T Oh Bucky... And Steve is a good man. A good man.
And the winter has come and now the thaw has begun. Yeah... you can't remember Steve's face with all the radiant sunshine and glow and not feel a little warm on the inside.

I have dirty thoughts on specifics and several scenes - and ah, those sad sad eyes and those sad hurting looks - and I am a horrible sadist for enjoying some of the scenes as much as I have.

If I was a real artist, or a real fanartist, there would be fanart here instead of babble. Unadulterated porn or something painfully deep and emotional and important. Or, if I was really good, all of that in one. But being me I spent the time I had lying on my ratty mattress in the living room watching the clouds outside and running memories on repeat. Productivity is not my forte...

But the corresponding song for today is You Said Something by PJ Harvey.

On a rooftop in Brooklyn
At one in the morning
Watching the lights flash
In Manhattan
I see five bridges
The Empire State Building

And you said something
That I've never forgotten

. . .Collapse )

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14 April 2014 @ 10:43 pm
Right! So it's a real april out there, spring in the morning, storm at noon, sun in the evening, and a well cold night.

I don't like not posting, I miss everybody, but work has been taking up a lot of my time during the last couple of weeks. I have some more furniture in my flat now, too... It feels... weird, to be honest. I liked it more when there was no furniture. It made me feel... easier of sorts. Now I have a bed even. ... it's been standing in my bedroom for the last two weeks. I'm still sleeping on the matress in my living room. I'm not sure if this is healthy behaviour.

Since I haven't managed to truly finish any artwork lately, nor do I have anything worthwhile to talk about... I decided I'll be posting songs from my (general and specific) OTP music list. Just because (the fanmix is probably never going to actually come out.) And my birthday is coming up so I can do what I want. And fandommy and all things related to my otps are what I like most.

Starting with something super light and uplifting. Savor it, you'll wish for nice and easy yet once I get out the depressing shit, lol.

Olly Murs - Army of Two

I took a vow to never let you down
When it’s us, there ain’t no competition
I can be the star on which you’re wishing
I never doubted for a moment it’s true
I love all of you if you love me too

Don’t ever change, and I’ll stay the same
We’ll be swimming in the same direction
And we’ll never lose this connection
Nothing they can do can stop this army of two
We’re marching to the future, yeah, just me and you

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Current Music: 2014 MTV Movie Awards
27 March 2014 @ 09:07 pm
I have no shame. Alarm für Cobra 11 is a... super popular and not even half bad German TV-show. It's also one of those shows the cool kids poked fun at a couple of years ago. Because it is extremely overdone. Two cars as much as touch cue explosions everywhere. It's dramedy, about highway police, right around the corner. It's also a buddy cop show. I should have been watching it for several years now actually. If I wasn't such a stubborn idiot, being a cool kid, I might have got tons of enjoyment out of it since around the mid 90s.

The two videos present the current cast. Semir Gerkhan has been there since the beginning really. He keeps getting new partners though. It's also a bit of a gag among people who know the show. (EdiT: It just occurred to me that maybe it's good I never really watched the show earnestly, since I never was overly fond of the whole change of partners thing in any other show.)

The current partner is a bit off, just out of jail, he 'doesn't always follow the rules' as he says in his vid, because 'neither did others'. Boohoo... We first see him in a conversation with a friend from his time in jail, who's very obviously a criminal in big trouble...

And all of this while Semir is getting increasingly bitter at the loathsome world, marriage in ruins, another partner gone, and in the background ecological extremists planning to spread terror.

And then they'll bond. With lots of eye-rolling and snark and fake explosions. Hopefully. Yeah, looks like it. Oh! And one hell of a punch to the lip. Semir's in a foul mood indeed, he won't tolerate your bullshit comments.

Oh Gosh, those corny adverts... I can't, lol. They totally got me with these xD I mean I've seen a couple of episodes before, but that kind of... yeah...

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16 March 2014 @ 04:29 pm
In case you don't hear anything from me. That is because I am depressed and disappointed.

Also, it could be because my laptop is being problematic. I almost had a heart attack because it didn't want to start up this morning. Then it did some start up help boot and just switched off in the middle of it. I almost cried. I have artwork to make for the smallfandombang dammit.

And I want Moyes gone. The team's not improved AT ALL. And Suarez is still a jerk.

... And I want my bb to be awesome again... just like in that little moment there... I hate life... everything sucks... I miss the times when things were great...

Add.: Pretty sure my potatoes have gone bad, too. Didn't even know that potatoes could go bad...

Nobody loves me.

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I love fanfic for many reasons. Every story for a different one. And I love them especially when they remind me of all the art the human kind creates. That life is art, and every person is so in some way.

And of love. Above all of love.

When You Are Old

When you are old and grey and full of sleep,
And nodding by the fire, take down this book,
And slowly read, and dream of the soft look
Your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep;

How many loved your moments of glad grace,
And loved your beauty with love false or true,
But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,
And loved the sorrows of your changing face;

And bending down beside the glowing bars,
Murmur, a little sadly, how Love fled
And paced upon the mountains overhead
And hid his face amid a crowd of stars.

Source: The Collected Poems of W. B. Yeats (1989)

I read Word Games (among others) by Steals_Thyme on the train last night. I cried a little. It was great. I've been finishing some artwork lately and I really want to draw something like that, too. Moving and fluffy. Sort of... life-affirming, you know. And because only dead or old fandoms do it for me, it seems x) Just kidding, but characters... I've been considering my otps and wrote an entire essay on their dynamics in my head. It's all so... I don't know, sometimes I wonder at how simple I can be, lol.
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15 February 2014 @ 12:33 pm
Seriously, I looked and this is like what ca 90% of my otps are about (or what I make them about in my head...), so... love in a nutshell:

Source: teammilkovich

I mean, I know I'm way too late for most things really, even there, but I'm once more this close to getting a tumblr. If only, because it's just not right to repost these things here, even with credits and all.
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14 February 2014 @ 07:04 pm

So I'm still trying to compile that otp music mix.. It's going to hapen one day. One day it will be finished and I'll be too embarrassed to make the booklet I envisioned for it x) Happy Valentine's Night, everyone <3

It's by far the hardest thing I've ever done

To be so in love with you and so alone

Follow me where I go what I do and who I know
Make it part of you to be a part of me
Follow me up and down all the way
Take my hand and I will follow you

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Just had a cigar and watched Watchmen again. The movie has one of the most fascinating intro sequence ever to my mind, and not only that - all these beautiful gorgeous scenes and the soundtrack. I guess I might just as well get the books out again and reread when I have a couple of days time for it. You know how you read most comics in a couple of hours? It just can't be done with that stuff. There's just too much to wrap your head around, too much to deal with, the world and its ways, or rather how people understand and see things, the issues and ideas, and damn... *sigh*

Also, some days ago I mentioned I wanted, what was it, "good rough achy kinky porn of people that turn my crank", well, I never - no don't let me tell lies, never aside from just ONCE, and that one was glorious - before thought of it, but at some point in the last days I had to read something like it so badly, and I went there and got me some Watchmen fanfic. Yessss... now I need new ways of making artwork.

“We gaze continually at the world and it grows dull in our perceptions. Yet seen from another's vantage point, as if new, it may still take the breath away.”

― Alan Moore, Watchmen

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02 February 2014 @ 12:41 pm

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